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Very sad to see some of our number 1 fans turning on us. Our fandom is much stronger then this and you dont understand how much us boys love you all. We have so much new janoskian stuff that we HAVNT unleashed yet. From skips snot to to Luke’s sassiness we have and always will remain the same hopeless boys with no future from Melbourne. Love you all and good luck with your decisions

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Yesterday I was ready to end it all. End everything. The pain, the hurt. Nothing could stop me. I was too sad to be alive. I mean someone as fat and as ugly like me who got bullied everyday of their life shouldn’t be alive, right? I took 1 pill, 2 pills, until i took 12 pills. I had 23 to take. I got a notification and it was one of Lukes tweets, i picked up my phone and read what he was saying, “It breaks my heart seeing fans leave us”, “You’re all us brooks brothers have”, “I hope when i wake up most of you will still be here”, I read them over and over again. If i continued taking the pills i sure as hell wouldn’t of been alive when Luke woke up. And thats the moment i put the pills down. I stopped what i was doing. Yes i was a bit sick that night but I’m glad i didn’t do it. So Luke, if you’re reading this, please know that you saved my life and without you writing just a few kind words to us, I wouldn’t be here typing this today.






If you could reblog this so Luke might just see it, It’d mean a lot.

Luke you need to see this, OK? This girl is so strong and so beautiful. You saved her life. <3

Wow <3

Luke read this!!

Luke please please please read this. I have been speaking to her and you really did save her. Without you there would be no more her. Thank you so much!


Luke & Jai Brooks


Daniel looks like such a bby gremlin here <3

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